Some useful expressions 3 | 大谷治子

Hi, Haruko Otani is here. How are you doing?
How are you coping with the hot and humid Japanese summer?
I’m impressed by the many Olympic athletes who set great records every day in such tough summer conditions in Japan. Well, let’s be careful to avoid heat stroke.

I’d like to introduce some useful expressions you can use when you guide foreign visitors in Japan.

Sample Conversation:
When foreign tourists visit Japan, they will be surprised by many things.
Let’s suppose Stephanie and you are in a sweets shop.
Stephanie : Excuse me, I’d like these. Two boxes, please.
Clerk : Here you are. Would you like extra bags?
Stephanie : Uh … yes, please.
You : Oh, you’ve got some Japanese sweets! Two of them!
Stephanie : Yeah. One for my parents, and one for my teacher.
You : Good. They’ll love it for sure!
Stephanie : Well, they gave me two extra bags. I don’t understand why.
What is it for?
You : It’s to make sure you have a clean bag when you give them to others as presents.
Stephanie : Oh, I see. How considerate!

If you buy food at a supermarket or a convenience store, they will give you a wet wipe, a pair of chopsticks and a fork.
If you buy a book at a bookstore, they will offer you a paper cover.

Words & Expressions
an extra bag 小分けの袋
They’ll love it for sure. 絶対気にいるよ
What is it for? 何のため? (用途を聞いている)
How considerate! (素敵な)心遣いね / 気が利くわね