Some useful expressions 2 | 大谷治子

Hi, I’m Haruko Otani. Good to see you again!
I’d like to introduce some useful expressions you can use in real situations when you’re guiding foreign visitors in Japan.
You can help them understand the spirit of Japan and feel it through their experiences.

Sample Conversation:
When foreign tourists visit Japan, they will be surprised by many things.
Suppose you are on a train with them.

Visitor: Oops, the train stopped all of a sudden.
You: Something happened at the railroad crossing ahead.
     They are checking if the train is safe to pass.
Visitor: Is that so? It’s already 11:30.
You: Yes, we have a reservation at noon in the cafeteria.
    We will be late.
Visitor: Then why don’t you give them a call?
You: You shouldn’t make a phone call on the train.
    It’s rude to other passengers.
Visitor: All right, but what will you do then?
You: I’ll text them. People send text messages on the train.
Visitor: No wonder they are holding and just looking at their cell phones without saying a word.

Point 1

Point 2
日本ではケータイでメッセージを送るとき多くの人がラインを使いますね。アメリカやカナダではショートメールを日常的に使います。でもショートメールとは言わずにtextという言葉がよく耳に入って来ます。最初は何のことかなと思いました。そう、ケータイで送るメッセージはtext message、短くtextと言うのです。名詞そして動詞としても使います。

I’ll send you a text message.
I’ll text you.

all of a sudden 突然
the railroad crossing ahead この先の踏切
we have a reservation 予約がある
why don’t you 〜してみたら?
give 〜 a call / make a phone call 電話をかける
rude 失礼な(無礼な)
text / send a text message ショートメールを送る
No wonder どうりで
without saying a word 無言で