Talk about Japanese drinks | 大谷治子

Hi, I’m Haruko Otani again!
Last time I talked about Japanese food. Let’s talk about Japanese drinks this time. Remember, the spirit of Japan is hiding just under the surface of daily life. We want foreign visitors to feel it while they are in Japan.
Sample Conversation.
You: Here’s your draft beer.
Visitor: You got a frosted mug!
You: How was it?
Visitor: Good!
You: Next, you should try sake.
Sake tastes like white wine.
Visitor: Oh, sounds delicious.
Huh? A box and a glass?
The glass overflowed into the box!
You: The box is called a MASU.
A MASU was originally used for measuring.
Today, it is used as a sake cup.
Visitor: How do I drink it?
You: Sip carefully from the glass.
I’ll show you.
Point 1
Be sure to show off the good points of Japan! It’s great that they serve ice cold beer everywhere in Japan. In some other countries the beer is not served as cold as it is in Japan.
Point 2
It’s good to mention something similar that they already know when you introduce some Japanese things. In this case, you can describe sake as “like white wine”.
You can add visual impact by showing them the Japanese way of enjoying it.
It’s even more effective to let them experience it.
It will stay in their memory for good.
注:a frosted mug 霜でおおわれた、つまりキンキンに冷えたマグ
A MASU was originally used for measuring.
  I’ll show you.  飲み方を聞かれたら、自分がやってみせるとよい