Some useful expressions 1 | 大谷治子

Hi, I’m Haruko Otani.
I’d like to introduce some useful expressions you can use in real situations when guiding foreign visitors in Japan. The spirit of Japan is hiding just under the surface of daily life.
You can help visitors understand the spirit of Japan and feel it through their experiences.
Sample Conversation.
Visitor: What’s this?
You: That’s YUBA.
Visitor: What does it taste like?
You: It doesn’t have much flavor.
People enjoy its texture.
Visitor: Okay, let me try.
You: How is it?
Visitor: I’ve never had anything like this before.
But it’s good.
Visitor: What’s it made from?
You: It’s made from soybeans.
Visitor: I see.

Point 1
Visitors tend to hesitate to try something they haven’t had before. Some Japanese food doesn’t have any flavor for foreign visitors. The food they are used to has stronger flavors. Please let them know that we enjoy the subtle tastes and natural flavors of foods. We also enjoy the texture.
Point 2
It’s very important to let them know what it’s made from. They may have allergies to certain foods, or restrictions due to religious or health reasons. They may be strict vegetarians or vegans.

It doesn’t have much flavor. あまり味がない
Texture 食べ物なら食感、衣類や生地なら手触り
It’s made from soybeans. 大豆でできている。原材料をいうとき。