English is music | 金子廣行

There are two important factors when you want to have conversation with other English speakers. Since it is the verbal communication, we need to pay very careful attention to both word pronunciation and the flow of intonation. These main two factors create verbal information.
If you fail to achieve the combination you lose the very important basic skills and you are not able to convey your ideas to the other listeners.
These two factors create like a music sound and it is like the waves in the ocean. Think about our ancestor named John Manjiro in the Edo period. He made a very interesting dictionary written in KATAKANA or in HIRAGANA. It went like this: water was pronounced[ わら]. We Japanese are tend to pronounce each one of the written words precisely but it goes to the different target.
I am concluding my columns with ①English is mathematics. and ②English is music. Thank you for your reading.