Foreign Volunteers Wanted! The English-Friendly Town planning committee is looking for foreign volunteers!

Kawagoe has a rich history and Japanese culture. Why not join Japanese volunteers in discovering the charm of Kawagoe and sharing it with the world?

About Our Volunteer Activities

★Explore Kawagoe with us and share the fun and wonderful places we find on social media, etc.
★Participate in workshops, cultural exchange, and study groups with Japanese volunteers
★Support Olympic tourism, etc.

Volunteer Requirements

★Those currently living in Japan
★Those who can speak English
★Those interested in volunteer activities
★Those who like Kawagoe or are thinking about exploring it

How to Apply

Please contact the office with the following information by e-mail.
We will get in touch with you shortly thereafter.
Your name (please include the katakana pronunciation), gender, date of birth, nationality, period of stay in Japan, address, contact information (mobile number), what English-Friendly Town volunteer activities you would like to participate in, and the skills you can use.