How to get a driver’s license in the United States | 天野修司

It is easy to get a driver’s license in the United States. You can gain basic knowledge about traffic rules and regulations from your state’s driver’s handbook. If you pass a written test, you can get a learner’s permission license.

The learner’s permission license allows you to drive on public roads with someone who has a driver’s license. You can learn how to drive from the person sitting in your car. After passing a driving test, you can get a real driver’s license.

I did not have a driver’s license in Japan. Therefore, I took a written test to get a learner’s permission license in the United States. As soon as I passed the written exam, my friend and I went driving across the country. We took turns driving in three hours shifts.

This was perfectly legal because my friend had his driver’s license.
I think now that it was too dangerous. I was young and stupid.
But I still remember the good old days.

アメリカでは、運転免許を取るために教習所に行く必要はありません。基本的に筆記試験(written test)と運転試験(driving test)に受かれば、それでOKです。ただし、長期の滞在資格が必要になります。